Pinoy New Vehicle: E-Trikes

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Pinoy E-Trikes

The conventional jeepney has transformed into a new image. E-Trikes are not new into the Philippine roads. It was already been introduced since 2008 when a couple started to realize the importance of a clean and safe environment. Edelweiss Villoria was so moved about the documentary of Former Vice-President Al Gore entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” that she keeps on urging her husband to do something of what they can contribute to the environment. And that was the time that Gerweiss Motors Corporation was conceived on November 2008.

Gerard Villoria, as the founder has focused on the production of Electric Vehicles. With just two years after its establishment, the company has received and manufactured around 300 units. They are now considered as the pioneer and leader of electric vehicles in the country.

Although the electric vehicle in the Philippines is still on its developing stage, Gerweiss Motors Corporation has make it an assurance that they have now the best experience in manufacturing this kind of vehicle and continuously nurturing it. They are still looking for some improvements particularly on the design and technology to make it as the top manufacturer in this industry.

E-trike vehicles are using lithium-ion based batteries and European / U.S. Standard parts, an assurance that your money can give you back better as it is expected.



Tel: +632-502-21-26
Cel: +639178414409

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The Filipino Heroes Shoes

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The Filipino Heroes Shoes

Have it cross on your mind that someday our national heroes can become a shoe? Yes, Manila Sole have combined these names of Filipino Heroes and used in their products.

Manila Sole was established in 2011.Their products are focus on handcrafted shoes using recycled rubber from tires as a sole. Their goal is to provide quality and stylish footwear for every Filipino. Their footwear's are as light as a feather which really a comforting one.

Manila Sole to increase the use of sustainable materials to lessen eco waste, while creating products that are made for the urban lifestyle of the everyday, modern Filipino.

Product Code:
  • Rizal
  • Bonifacio
  • Aguinaldo


Mobile #: +63 906 3725288

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Not Your Typical Filipino Polvoron

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Filipino Polvoron

When we say polvoron, it is a typical Filipino dessert that is wrap on a Japanese paper or a silky transparent colored plastic in a round form. But as time evolves, some of this prominent look had also change. Some people had transformed the conventional way of preparing the recipe.

One of them that introduce this flavored polvoron is the Postres del Cielo. They redefine it as "Heavenly Desserts".

Product Variants:
  • CRANBERRY - subtle sweetness of the cranberry polvoron makes it an ideal after-dinner delight. It is best serve while you are drinking wine or champagne.
  • KIWI - Light and tart, our kiwi polvoron has just the right mix of tangy and sweet, sure to delight dessert lovers of any age. It is best serve while having an after meal ice cream.
  • ROSE - Timeless and classic, you too will fall in love with the elegant flavor of rose. It is best serve during afternoon tea break.
  • LAVENDER - Smooth and soothing, lavender is the flavor of choice for sophisticated and discerning palates. It is best serve a companion of green tea or coffee.

Aside from the different shapes each of this variant has each unique taste that surely you love it. Chosen ingredients such as fruits are all imported and rose petals are carefully hand-picked to preserve the freshness.


Postres del Cielo
44 Sta. Maria St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603
Phone: 635-4734
Mobile: 0918-8118115

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Atlantic of Swatch Seasider

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Swatch Seasider


6 - 10
COLORS AVAILABLE: Olive/Ama, Blue and Gaucho



Are you an 80's teenager? Then you can still recall how this trademark. One of the pioneer in making durable shoes, the Swatch Seasider.

In 1984, Trident International Trading Corporation launched a series of boat shoes under the Swatch Seasider label, and it immediately made an impact in the course of Philippine shoe manufacturing history. Based in Marikina City––the shoe capital of the Philippines—Swatch Seasider charted a course that took it to where it is today, undoubtedly one of the premier label for men’s casual footwear in the country.

Under the leadership of its founders and designers, Trident International grew from a 5-man operation into a network of more than 100 skilled artisans, craftsmen, and patternmakers housed in two fully-equipped buildings and factories in Marikina City. Today, Trident International hand-crafts shoes daily under its banner label —Swatch Seasider.

The Promo/Sales team of Swatch Seasider

Using only the best materials, sourcing is done both nationally and worldwide. Every pair is handmade with strong attention to detail. Every design is made with careful thought. Today’s Filipino requires comfort and style as he treads about the urban jungle. Swatch Seasider aims to provide that—and a knowing confidence that when you have on a pair, you have on a guarantee of quality.

From a single style of boat shoes 27 years ago, Swatch Seasider now carries four distinctive collections of men’s footwear. The Act!ve collection complements your athletic style with a selection of golf, bowling, and boating shoes. The Leisure collection takes you anywhere with its line of comfortable casuals. The Resort collection boasts of footwear you can play with in surf and turf. The Classic collection has a line of stylish footwear for the urban professionals.


Trident International Trading Corporation
Fax: +632-941-5040
Tel: +632-941-2819
Customer Service:

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