Laundry Bags by Beansprout

8:09 PM |

Printed laundry bags are made with the same lightweight, durable & water resistant nylon material that use for shopping bags.

SOURCE: Beansprout

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7:56 PM |

A versatile environment-friendly deodorizer and disinfectant. It’s an effective and economical solution to foul odor, bacteria, and disease carrying insects. This solution is harmless to humans, animals, plants, marine life and soil.

Milagro™ is a miracle-like plant concentrate extracted from the banana plant pseudostem. It is a breakthrough product employing a unique process to blend banana stem juice with other natural elements. The resulting concentrate can then be diluted with clean water in a variety of ratios and used in so many beneficial ways as a powerful multi-purpose disinfectant and odor eliminator without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. It is a remarkable product that helps protect the environment while promoting sustainable consumption.

Milagro™ is:

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Organic (plant-based)
  • Bio-degradable

SOURCE: The Enviro-Friendly Store

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Ribbed Rock Dish

7:06 PM |

A unique garden accent made from the volcanic rocks of Mount Pinatubo.


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Bookworms Pendant by Thingys

3:45 PM |

Handmade book-look-a-like clay pendant by Cessa Gaston.


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Pasintabi by Tuldok Animation Studios Inc.

3:10 PM |

Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age, or so thought Reb, a 10 year old boy who finds his grandfathers stories interesting but just a bit too fantastic.

Reb, frustrated with his grandfather who is an albularyo (medicine man), believes that he is stuck with his old, primitive beliefs and practices until one fateful night changes Reb's life forever.

This animated fil was created by Tuldok Animation Studios Inc. is a non-stock non profit organization whose dream is to make the world realize the artistic and creative talent of the Filipino people. Combining our expertise in storytelling, art, animation, voice acting, and music together with our rich culture, it has become our dream that the Filipino artist is recognized in the international community not just an outsourcing tool but as an untapped resource for creative and unique content as well.

Tuldok is the Filipino word for dot, speck, or a point. It is the most basic part of a drawing from which all kinds of lines, shapes, patterns are created.

Watch the teaser trailer of the film:


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Life-Size Dinosaurs by Heinimex

7:06 AM |

This item was manufactured by Heinimex Corporation , a world’s premier manufacturer and exporter of decorations and reproductions for the home and garden. Each product is individually hand cast and painstakingly finished by our highly qualified Philippine craftsmen.

Other range of their products include attractive collections of furniture, fountains, planters, urns, life-size garden statues, CD-holders, clocks, wall plaques, wine racks, advertising plates, showcases and birdcages. They offer one of the largest ranges of human and animal reproductions and are well known for our skillfully reproduced Egyptian artifacts.


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Merlin Themed Figure by Yab Design

6:41 AM |

A six feet theme figure made from polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass and weighing 35 pounds.

These item was manufactured by Yab Design, a company founded in 1990 and located in Angono, Rizal, the art capital of the Philippines. Aside from this life size theme figure, they have other product lines such as home decors, furnitures, garden decors, human figures, animal figures and others. As of today they employed 800 people.


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Ecobowl by Ecoworld Decor

7:39 PM |

These beautiful bowl is made from recycled paper to preserve our environment. Hand-made by Igorot artisans, from the mountainside province of Benguet, Philippines.


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Bangkuang/Bacbac Jute Magazine Rack

7:10 PM |

Made from either handwoven Bangkuang/Bacbac and Jute with Bamboo Frame stand.
Dimension: Bamboo Frame: 48cmL x 50cm H ; JUTE - 70cm L x 35cm W
MC size: 21.25 x 17.25 x 21 inches

SOURCE: Community Crafts Association Philippines

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Buntal Straw Hat

9:26 PM |

Wide brim hat made of multi-colored buntal straw.

SOURCE: Social Action Foundation For Rural And Urban Development, Inc.

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Recycled Woven Zipper Coin Purse

8:17 PM |

Made out of used drink containers, called doy packs. The packs are sanitized and the women sew them together into attractive, durable bags.


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Abstract Family of Four Design Candle Holder

7:19 PM |

Uniquely crafted home decor made up of ebony wood(kamagong) and serves as a candle holder.

SOURCE: Disenyo Banaue

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Shell Earing Jewelry

6:52 PM |

This earings are made from natural materials such as Mother Of Pearl, blacklip, brownlip, paua, abalone, whiteshell and many more.


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America is in the Heart

1:10 PM |

America Is in the Heart, sometimes subtitled A Personal History, is a 1946 semi-autobiographical novel written by well-known Filipino poet, fiction writer, short story teller, and activist, Carlos Bulosan.


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The T-Shirt Project

12:55 PM |

The Tshirt Project is a Philippine-based store that offers fresh and unique concepts on printed tshirts carried –out through the various brands under its arm. It is owned and operated by Spoofs Ltd., Inc , the same company that owns Spoofs (the brand).


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Traditional Mead

9:11 AM |

Made from the finest honey available (mostly from mango flowering season harvest).

It has gemlike clarity in a consistent bright golden color. It is the bestseller in our tasting sessions. Undertone of honey is pungently noticeable. It is a complex and voluptuous mead in every sense. Moderately sweet and should be served chilled.

Bottled in 400ml elegant bottles, 12% alcohol by volume.


21 Lavender Street, Ruby Park, Victoria Homes Subdivision, Muntinlupa City

Contact Numbers:
(632) 519-9027 | +63917-8660545 | +63922-8602314

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Mini-Gift Box with Glitters

9:07 AM |

Made from Recycled Chipboard, Recycled Craft Paper, and Glitter accent and come with different colors like Blue, Light Blue, Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, Orange, Green and Lilac. They have Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval, Heart and Hexagonal shapes

SOURCE: C & K Handicraft

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Brushkin - GIRAFFE

9:33 PM |

Brushkins are made in the Philippines from the fiber of the Buri palm tree. The fiber is twisted onto a wire, with the resulting round brush being hand cut into the final shape. Many other hands work on dying, shaping and gluing parts to create our whimsical little animal friends and holiday accents. The eyes, ears, nose, feet, etc. are made from seeds, pods and carved wooden pieces.

SOURCE: sisshops

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Abaca Throw Pillow

8:58 PM |

Made from hand-woven Abaca fiber, manual dyeing with lining inside
Dimension = 16” X 16”


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Kalesa by Dante Hipolito

9:56 AM |

Kalesa, an oil in canvas painting with a size of 36 x 48 inches. Done by Dante Hipolito*.

*Born in San Andres 1959. He is known as a Hyper-realists Artist.He studied in PWU , 1977-81 . among batchmates were hyper-realist Chris Mirang and Carlo Magno. in the mid-80's, worked as illustrator at Kalaro publishing doing a magazine for children under editor Lorna Kalaw Tirol. After a short stint as a seaman in singapore, went back to work as an artist at Adformatrix Agency, and then at FCB Intl. in 1993, worked as art director for a Saudi Arabian Advtg firm, and was active with Pinta Pilipino Art Group.


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Geo Cocktail Table by Vito Selma

9:12 AM |

The Geo Cocktail Table was designed by Vito Selma, This is a green product, This table is made of either Pine or Mahogany wood, all coming from sustainably harvested forests. Otherwise, the wooden sticks that are used as string in this table is made from recycled parts or unwanted wooden leg and arm chairs. Coming from a manufacturing to a strict quality control, we have a fairly large number of waste fractions. I’ve recycled for its treatment through a machine ankles. It gives a whole new look and new texture adds even more character to the piece of wood and the table as a whole.

SOURCE: VITO SELMA of Stonesets International, Inc.

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Perry Mamaril Crafts and Designs

9:22 PM |

Rice, a wall mounted accent light using different kinds of rice grain in a slated bamboo with rice paper to diffuse the back lights. A work of art by Perry Mamaril, a sculptor, installation artist, theater production/lighting designer, film art director and sous chef. Perry Mamaril hails from the mountain province of Northern Luzon, in the Philippines. He attended St. Louis University and University of Baguio in Baguio City in the Philippines where he studied Architecture, Engineering and Electrical Communications.

His use of bamboo – a nationally recognized symbol of the resilient nature of the Filipino people – and other native Philippine materials is greatly influenced by the indigenous culture in the northern Philippines. Mamaril’s bamboo light sculptures and installations comment on the convergence of the traditional and contemporary, first and third world, rural and urban environments.


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Cebu Guitar Makers

8:10 PM |

Lapu-lapu City in Cebu is the home of the Filipino guitar makers. A lot of foreign and local tourists, who came the island bring home a Mactan guitar.

Lilang's is the first and guitar manufacturer in Lapu-lapu. They started manufacturing guitars since 1952.

Cheap guitars are usually made of lawaan wood, top instruments from kamagong or calantas. A good guitar is chosen for its finish and its body design.

Photo: Asian Images Photoshelter

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The Dulo - Dulo

8:15 AM |
, f

The word "Dulo" originally came from the Tagalog word for "Point" and the first Dulo-Dulo's were made from deer antlers. Kamagong (and sometimes Carabao horn) was then used as a substitute due to the scarcity of the antlers. This items are waxed (not varnished) finish to improve grip.


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Carabao Horn Drinking Home Decor

8:06 AM |

Originally the purpose of this item is use as a drinking material. Made of Carabao Horn and rattan weave accent. This eye-catching ethnic design item is ideal as a home decor.

SOURCE: Leoque

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Coiled Newspaper Clock

11:31 AM |

Circle the day with this delightful clock made from recycled materials. Filipino artisans handcraft this clock from coiled and glued recycled newsprint. Glued and stitched, the spirals are starched to make them firm, shiny and durable. From the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City.

• Coiled recycled newspaper
• Uses AA batteries (not included)
• 11D inches
• Made in the Philippines


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Earth-Friendly Magazine Holder

11:29 AM |

Use and reuse. Steward Earth’s resource with a magazine holder made from—magazines! Store your magazines in this holder made from tightly rolled recycled magazine paper.

Innovative artisans working with the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City, the Philippines, create this products from strips of carefully rolled recycled newsprint.

• Rolled recycled newsprint
• 10Lx4Wx13H inches
• Made in Philippines


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Collezione C2 Apparel

7:36 AM |

It is a Filipino clothing line that features the map of the Philippine Island. It is known today because of their top-of-the-line quality shirts with embroidery at the left side part.


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Yabang Pinoy Band

6:19 PM |

Made of Abaca woven fiber and comes in different sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino Pride movement founded in 2005 which aims to inspire every Filipino to be proud to a Filipino, to believe in fellow Filipinos and to patronize Filipino ideas, products and services.


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Agos Pilipinas Apparel

6:02 PM |

Agos Pilipinas is a brand fit for the active yet laidback philosophy of the eager outdoor addict. Agos brings out the passion for tropilokal* spots through its shirts, sandos, authentic indiepop* pouches, and barabags*. Agos is more than just a label. It's the outdoor instinct. It's a lifestyle.


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Our Tribe Leather Goods

7:41 AM |

Our Tribe has been making stylish and incredibly sturdy leather goods since 1972. It has the good reputation of using only the best quality leather and accessories for its handbags, sandals, wallets and other leather goods.

SOURCE: Our Tribe Shop

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9:29 PM |

This first Philippine electric powered tricycles also known as E-trike was invented by Engineer Allan Aguilar and has been patented by the Intellectual Property Office of the Department of Trade and Industry and has been fully accredited by the Land Transportation Office of Department of Trade and Communication.

The e-trike has a load capacity of 200 to 250 kilograms and can run up to 45 kilometers per hour.

An E-trike that has a single full charge batteries can last for 12 hours of continuous use or 60 to 80 kilometers.

It was first tested in Marilao, Bulacan where in the inventor came from. This E-trike are now running in the roads of Quezon City, Taguig City, Manila, Pampanga, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and even to as far as Boracay.

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Abaca Woven Rug

7:47 PM |

Hand-woven rug made out of Abaca fibers. Truly an eco-friendly product in a sophisticated design.

SOURCE: Charles & Aaron Design Corporation

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Abaca-Wool Woven Carpet

7:40 PM |

Flat weave Abaca Hand woven collection has less height and is more affordable than the thick weaves. Designed for heavier traffic area compared to the thick weave collection, this boasts of several designs that differs in geometric patterns and new twists.


Charles & Aaron Design Corporation
1FLR. 84 Brgy. Wawa, Taguig City 1637, Philippines
ph: 632.837.4703
fax: 632.866.1330
alt: 632.514.8641

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Fruit Shape Seagrass

7:22 AM |
Made of Stained seagrass and reinforced with wooden interior.


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Carreon's Plantanillas

9:17 PM |

Made of egg yolk, flour and sugar.

The tiny crepe-like part was folded like. It looks like a crepe and inside is pastillas made of carabao milk.

SOURCE: Carreon’s Sweets and Pastries

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Alhambra Cigars

8:08 PM |
Alhambra Cigars

The Alhambra blend is the mildest among the La Flor de La Isabela line of premium quality cigars. It is noted for its light, sweet, and clean taste. Alhambra has its roots as a Swiss company founded in Manila's port area in 1898. For many years the Alhambra brand provided Tabacalera with a close but friendly competition. The Alhambra name continues to enjoy an avid following in Switzerland and Germany.

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Tabacalera Cigars

8:05 PM |
Tabacalera Cigars

Tabacalera is the Philippines' oldest and most popular brand. This is the flagship brand of La Flor de La Isabela. Tabacalera is credited as the brand that made Philippine cigars world-famous, and represents close to three hundred years of cigar production. Tabacalera is noted for its mild, sweet, and very slightly spicy taste that has for so many years defined the "Manila Cigar."

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Red Abalone Shell Evening Purse

8:28 PM |

Hand crafted from a red abalone shell with copper frame and gray amethyst clasp.


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Pomme Nero 1 & 2

8:14 PM |

Made of Wood and Black lip shell minaudiere.


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Cesto Hanging Lamp

6:32 PM |

Made of metal framings and fabric diffuser.


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Yoda Coffee Table

6:05 PM |

This amorphic design, chic, a go-anywhere, do anything piece of table, works as a coffee, side or an accent one. Solid mahogany carcass, topped with full spread of palm wood circulos. Laid out on top are 2 different sizes of mirror like stainless steel, functions as table tops either for serving drinks or for storage display. Done in natural clear matte. CODE: 31007 DIMENSIONS: L148cm. x W 100cm. x H25cm.


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Gosu Pendant Lamp

6:01 PM |

The reflection floats as the upper and lower wide brimmed shades of textured cotton is suspended by a band of full weave 2 cm. thick and thin palm wood cuadritos. A bottom diffuser of milky white polycarbonate provides gentle illumination on a grand scale. CODE: 18207


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Bolla Floor Lamp

5:56 PM |

Solid mahogany wood carcasses are fully laid out randomly of different sizes of palm wood circulos.


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Bubble Chair

5:51 PM |

Carcass is done in solid mahogany wood, topped randomly in full spread of palm wood circulos.


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