Sumilao Corn Coffee

8:40 AM |

Sumilao Corn Coffee is roasted from organically grown, native, yellow corn from the farmers themselves. The beverage combines the taste of coffee and the benefits of tea, without caffeine.


Sumilao Agri-Enterprise
Email Address: contact[at]
Address: Sitio Fatima, Zone 6, San Vicente, Sumilao, Bukidnon 8701, Philippines

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Ethnu, the innovative fashion accessories

3:02 PM |

Ethnu, a social enterprise under Ethnocentricity Incorporated, produces fashionable and modern ethnic-inspired accessories that incorporates authentic indigenous materials to increase awareness regarding the different ethnic groups of the Philippines.

A fusion of fashion and culture, Ethnu is more than just a fashion statement. Ethnu is urban ethnicity at its finest.

  • Kalinga: Peacock Warriors

  • Ifugao: People of the Earth

  • T'boli: Brass Dreamweavers

Mobile Number: 09178546677 (Gillian Te)

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The papercuts of Artist Sinag de Leon-Amado

9:24 PM |

Sinag de Leon contemporizes art of paper cutting
By Elizabeth Lolarga, Vera Files
For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

As a child growing up in Marikina, Sinag de Leon thrived in an environment strewn with samples of Philipine folk arts and crafts, her parents being avid aficionados and lecturers on the subject.

She picked up a volume of Childcraft and followed the instructions on how to cut out and form a snowflake out of paper. Snow being alien to her sensibility, she wondered how the intricate designs on pastillas de leche wrappers from Bulacan could be duplicated in her new-found medium.

A vanishing craft in that province, paper cutting has been given a contemporary twist in the series of solo exhibits de Leon has had this year. Her latest solo show “Aninag” at the San Beda Museum in the college campus on Don Manolo Ave., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City runs until Oct. 30 with her second free paper cut workshop there on Oct. 23. (Read the whole Article here...)

Note: You can contact the artist with her site:
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Larry Alcala His & Hers Collared Shirt for Him (Pinoy Games)

11:26 AM |

Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia feat Slice of Life by Larry Alcala

His&Hers Collared Shirt for Him with Pinoy Games artwork



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Tiger Shoe, Plaid Shoe, Beaded T-Strap Sandal Shoes

10:54 AM |

Tiger shoe (Left)
Dominantly in gold with black lining, sprinkled with gold glitters.

Plaid shoe (Middle)
Alternating black, green and red for primary colors with a little white lining. Cast Resin, hand painted, non-toxic acrylic paint with gloss finish.

Beaded t-strap sandal (Right)
Dominantly in black, sprinkled with silver glitters.

Dimensions: 3.75in x 1.25in x 2in
Weight: 30 g

Cast Resin, hand painted, non-toxic acrylic paint with gloss finish.


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Sampaguita by Pinoy Parol Creations

10:42 AM |

Fiberglass Lantern designed to eradicate yearly maintenance/repair. Colors don’t fade and it’s guaranteed to last for many years. Electrical diagram and installation are very simple that even you can fix it yourself as in changing bulbs due to the back design of the lantern. They also provide extra bulbs and winkers.

The only company in the Philippines that manufactures Fiberglass Christmas Lanterns that are more durable, economical and environment-friendly than the capiz lantern being sold in the market. The Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has already banned the use of Capiz Shells: semi-finished or semi processed.


A. Mabini st., San Juan City ,Metro Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Details

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Nativity by Dekokraft, Inc.

10:31 AM |

From the time Dekokraft INC. was established on September 8, 2005, its people have been constantly producing various Christmas and other Holiday decors inspired by thoughts of bringing smiles to other people's faces because of the cheerful charm of the season that radiates from each of their handcrafted work.

Incorporating form and function, its initial products of Holiday decors eventually evolved into useful yet stylish products like candleholders, boxes, photo frames, centerpieces and votives.

Quality control is assured by implementing comprehensive training of production workers and sub-contractors and is strictly maintained by requiring in-house production sub-contractors to submit control samples to be approved before any major production commences. To enhance production capacity while maintaining cost-efficiency, the company utilizes livelihood centers and works largely with various sub-contractor groups.


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8:44 PM |
Caragumoy Products

Caragumoy (Pandanus simplex) is a variety of screwpine distributed mostly in the inlands of Luzon and the Visayas Island. It is greenish Grey in color as it dries and is used traditionally for mat-making, hats, bags and baskets. CCAP developed this material further into cushion, footstools, bolsters and different functional trays and bins for the modern home.


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Increweld, the World's Smallest Welding Machine

9:58 PM |

INCREWELD is the ORIGINAL World's Smallest Welding Machine. The machine was invented by Frank M. Andrade and manufactured by Andravel Incorporated under Patent no 1-200-02181 granted by the Philippine Patent Office in April 28, 2004.

The advantage of the INCREWELD aside from being conveniently small and lightweight (1.6kgs) is its 100% duty cycle. Meaning no overheat at prolonged and continuous operation. Quality of welding is superior because of its capability to perform continuous full weld fusion.

Moreover INCREWELD consumes 30% less electricity as current runs through the system during actual welding only.

The INCREWELD has 2 years warranty and it is expected to last a lifetime as it does not overheat and no mechanical moving parts are present for wear and tear. The first unit assembled in 2003 still runs up to this time being used for demos.


Andravel Incorporated
c/o Frank M. Andrade
Mobile: 63917 8336614

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F-22 Farrier Trimaran by Melvest Marine

9:32 PM |
Marcus Tomblin's F-22R "Kermit, the little green racing machine",

A trimaran is a multihulled boat consisting of a main hull (vaka) and two smaller outrigger hulls (amas), attached to the main hull with lateral struts (akas). The design and names for the trimaran components are derived from the original proa constructed by native Pacific Islanders.

Trimarans are now being built here in the Philippines and made possible by Melvest Marine. They manufactured boats using finest materials sourced locally and all over the world. Their factory is located in Taytay, Rizal, a 20 kilometers East of Metro Manila.


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Necklaces by Dire Husi

7:00 PM |

This Necklaces are products of Dire Husi, a youth organization, a creative social enterprise, an artisan collective, a band of world musicians, a training hub, and a fair trade advocate.

“Dire” is a Visayan word for “here” and “Husi“ is a Manobo word for “friend.”


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Jute Bag by Salayhandmade

6:45 PM |

Jute Bag
Another carefully styled craft made out of pure jute sac is sewn and fashioned in the manner finely suited for every occasion. With bamboo and abaca twine used in its handles, you can be certain of your safety and convenience in carrying them. Jute bags come with desired patches and pockets.
CFT-340531.5 x 60
CFT-340623 x 22.5 x 52
CFT-340726 x 39
CFT-340829.5 x 50
CFT-340916.5 x 22.5
CFT-341015 x 21.5
CFT-341119 x 25


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7:08 PM |

Tapuy is a Filipino rice wine originated in Batad (a place in the Banaue Rice Terraces), Ifugao, Philippines. This native wine from fermented rice is also produced in the Cordillera Province; particularly in Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, and Mountain Province. Other names for tapuy in these parts are: tapey or bayah .

The native brew is prepared locally and produced from fermented rice. There are 2 main ingredients: glutinous rice and bubod (starter culture).

The tapuy rice wine is considered as the ceremonial wine served during special occasions (such as weddings) and large celebrations like a bountiful harvest festival. Since the natives can produce tapuy rice wine inside their homes, the local wine is also imbibed by the locals on a daily basis.


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8:01 PM |

Tinubong, as a delicacy, derives its name from its container, an internode of buho (bulo in Ilocano) with the node at one end, which is called tubong in Ilocano.

With the other end of the tubong open, a wet mixture of glutinous flour, sugar, coconut milk, small strips of young coconut flesh, cheese and margarine is inserted into the tube. Others also used ground peanuts and raisins.

In the good old days, the tinubong was cooked over charcoal embers until the tubong changed its color from green to a slightly scorched black. Nowadays, however, large-scale tinubong makers use the kind of ovens found in bakeries.

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Banawe Body Bag

6:17 PM |

From school, to carrying your laptop, to a hip alternative diaper bag, our versatile, spacious messenger bag is practically all you need to get you through every stage of your life -- and look hip doing it.

  • One front adjustable clasp closure.
  • Main compartment has inside slip pocket.
  • Front panel has zipper compartment.
  • Adjustable 2" shoulder strap.
  • 600 Denier Polyester
  • Size: 14 1/2" x 12" x 5"


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Moisturizing Massage Oil with Virgin Coconut Oil and Lemongrass

7:19 PM |

99.5% Organic Moisturizing Massage Oil with Virgin Coconut Oil and Lemongrass. Let the healthiest of oils, pure tropical virgin coconut oil melt your cares away with its feathery light touch. Easily absorbed so you can paper yourself with no sticky after-feel.


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Philippine Mahogany Wooden Aircraft Models

9:51 PM |

BRUCECRAFTS is one of the largest modelmaker of high quality Philippine-made Gifts and Collectibles Mahogany wooden aircraft models in the country.

They have over thousands of aircraft models, model planes, aviation models, airplanes, pacific aircrafts, warplanes, wooden aircrafts, jetfighter, aeromodel, bigbird, biplanes, boeing, bombers model, World War II aircraft, handcrafted made, hand-made aircrafts, Collectors item, collectaire, jetfighter, miniature desktop display, military planes, Airliner and Jets, Scale model aircraft, Carrier, diecast, spacemodel, custom-built, airplane models, scalemodel, shipmodels, shuttle, miniature, collectair , corsair, dragonwings, aerospace, executive display, flying club, herpawings, minicraft, modelship, plaque, plastic, rocket, stealth, earospace, thunderbolt, tomcat, warhawk, wings, large scale / scaled aircraft models.

SOURCE: Brucecrafts

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