The District of Juan

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Juan District is a place where love and pride for the Filipino race and the Philippines are shown through cool and cute graphic shirts and accessories.

The brand  offers exclusivity, individuality, and modern patriotism.

 It is a brand made by Filipinos for Filipinos anywhere in the world and for anyone who loves anything Filipino. A brand that spreads not just cool vibes but also Filipino pride.

Cool Facts about Juan District:

1. Ang Juan District ay Gawang Pilipino para sa mga Masasayang Pilipino (Juan District is a Brand Made by Filipinos for the Happy Filipinos).

2. Ang Mahabang Juan District ay Magaan sa Bulsa (The Long Juan District is Low-Priced).

3. Shirtaholics Approved!!!

4. Wash-and-Wear Awesome Juan District is a Certified Loyal Companion from Beach Escapades to Road Trips.

5. Wearing Juan District shirt yields a minute probability of bumping into someone wearing the same graphic shirt as yours.


Calibjo Apparel and Accessories 
Mobile: 0926-6959797

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