Navarro Crab Paste

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Navarro Foods International Inc. is known for its Kapampangan delicacies such as Taba Ng Talangka, Fermented Shrimp in Rice ( Burong Hipon), Fermented Mudfish in Rice (Burong Dalag), Sauteed Shrimp Paste (Bagoong Alamang), Papaya Pickles (Acharang Papaya) and other Sweet Delicacies.

Their products is a traditional specialty of Masantol, Pampanga made from crab meat and fat use as side dish or ingredient to seafood and pasta dishes such as pancit palabok, crab paste pasta, spaghetti and crab paste pasta that have served in the plates of Kapampangan for years.

Navarro Foods International Inc.
Address: #278 Panducena St., Bebe Anac, Masantol, Pampanga, Phlippines 2017
Mobile No.: #09202010703
Tel No.:#(045)-981-2138
Fax No.:#(045)-981-2138
Email Address:

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Sunrise Corn Coffee

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BAYUGAN CITY, AGUSAN DEL SUR – Alicia Paglinawan, the proprietress of Sunrise Corn Coffee, had been roasting corn for her family until she decided to introduce it to her hometown.

“It kept my family strong and healthy and I see no good reason of keeping that health secret in our backyard,” shares Alicia.

She says this special kind of coffee had been well-loved by Filipinos even before the “invention” of ridiculously expensive coffee most of us are so fond of today. (read more...)


Address: P7 Maygatasan, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur, Philippines
E-mail Address:
Contact Numbers: (085) 231 2213 | +639266407506

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Iron Baket Collection

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Innovative wire aesthetics are the base for Kalikasan's designs. Finial shapes and sculptures are super-lightweight and delicate-looking.

"We like to create timeless and unique pieces that can stay all year round," said Jerry R. Jiao Jr, CEO of the company.

Continued colours are mostly in black and white, while the moiré shape collection continues to be strong.

Tel: +632 344 1099

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James Bound Collection

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Paper is the basis of most of Mind Masters' finial work, which includes papier-mâché stalactite
structures and standing lamps.

Of note are the bell-shaped, beige-coloured hanging features, inspired by pages in an open book.

"Using newspaper waste materials inspires us every day. Let paper speak and let it be star, not just the support," said president Tes Pasola.

Bright pink and green are key colours for the season.

3 Cielito Road, Intercity Homes
Cupang, Muntinlupa City
1771 Philippines
Telephone: (632) 842-1472 / 809-6215
Fax# : (632) 809-6178

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Metal gauze

5:32 PM |

Metal gauze continues to be a key attention to MCCA's collection, employed as mirror frames.

WGSN noted a move to a leaf-vein pattern, that gives an organic feel to the collection.

Minimalistic and, at times, an optical illusion, the effect was created by hand using wrought iron.

The company received the Katha Award 09 Secretary's Award for Design Excellence.


MCCA Industrial Corp.
Contact Person: Miguel Aguas / President
Manibaug Libutad, Porac, Pampanga, Philippines
Phone: 045 436-1129; 045-436-1786
Fax: 045 436 1786

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