Durian Fiber Products

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Durian Fiber Products
Paper made from durian rinds offers tender filament and better quality than mulberry-pulp paper. Durian rinds may be blended with fruit or vegetable fibers to produce different kinds of paper.

Designs can be made by adding rose petals or leaves soon after sieving, but before drying it in the sunshine. Beautiful designs depend on the maker’s skills. Paper made from durian rinds is natural and has no caustic soda, thus safe to users.(see http://www.pinoybisnes.com/business-ideas/handmade-paper-from-durian-rinds/)

KATAKUS is an offshoot of the Women and Appropriate Technology Program of Women Development & Technology Institute (WDTI) National Office in Davao from 1991-1996. It was formally organized in May 1996 to continue the development work that WDTI has started in Davao

Started in 1994 with a training on handmade paper production given by DEVLINK and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Started as a community based project of Kababayen-an sa Katipunan Alang sa Kalamboan (KKK). The KKK was organized in 1992 by the Women Development and Technology Institute (WDTI).

Door 5 Adolfo Building, Corner Palm Drive, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, Philippines
Telefax: +63 (82) 221-8157
Mobile Numbers: +63 (919) 879-2620 & +63 (917) 717-0174
Email Add: katakus@gmail.com
Website: http://womenkraft-katakus.yolasite.com/ | http://womenkraft-katakus.weebly.com/

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PB -055 Seahorse

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Wagas Crafts was formally organized in the Philippines last 1998 as Sole Proprietorship to engage in the business of manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling of wooden handicrafts. At first, the company exclusively developed the WOODEN COLLAPSIBLE BASKETS, and later popularly known as "Magic Baskets" all over the world. Then, another product line was developed and described as the WOODEN FLYING MOBILES, and commonly known as "Magic Mobiles".

Basically, its strategy was to capture the domestic market by joining crafts fairs and bazaars, and consequently, establish and operate outlets in strategic areas like big malls all over the Philippines. Its guiding philosophy was to "consume first its own production, and the rest to the export market".

Currently, the company is maintaining nine (9) retail outlets all over country. The basic identity of its products is principally handcrafted and hand painted. Even with the advent of the modern technology, it has maintained the distinct touch derivative from the expressions of handmade products.

The company is operating a factory manned by gifted-skilled workers capable of producing a container load of its products every month. It is catering export orders to the United States of America, Asia, Canada, France, and other parts of the globe.

In the year 2003, the company has introduced a new concept of Collapsible Baskets described as "HANDY BASKETS ". It has introduced an "anti-tilt locking system" and "huge basket capacity" with uniform size of 18mm X 400mm X 400mm for all its selected designs. The main purpose of its new concept is to create a perfect functional decor. For simplicity and convenience, it has adopted a "one size, one price" policy.

308 Mango Square,
General Maxilom Avenue,
Cebu City, Philippines 6000.
Tel. No. (6332)412-6443
Fax No. (6332)412-6442
Email: admin@handybaskets.com
Website: http://www.handybaskets.com

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Round Bag TRD

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Made of Ticog B 20cm dia x W 30.5cm. With leatherette.

Ticog is widely distributed in the Philippines, although of somwhat local occurence. It grows at a low altitude in the settled areas, in swampy places, and in rice paddies.

Ticog is considered as the most imposrtant matting sedge in the country. The stem is woven into hats, mats, cushions, and market bags. The stems are used either whole or split. After being gathered, they are belached for several days by spreading under the sun

TAPS Handmade Products started 1977, weaving bariw mats, sea-grass bags, bamboo baskets, and soft brooms was the first products of Tap's in their community, with a starting capital of P15,000.

Because of the encoluraging market seen outside the country, the company made market linkages locally and began another products, the ticog which they saw abundant in their community. And now, convention seminar bags, fashion bags, travelling bags, wallets, and other souvenir items made from the Ticog is the major production of TAP's with 9 permanent employees and 200 household weavers in Leyte.

Guingawan, Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines
Email: tapshandmade@yahoo.com
Website: http://tapshandmade.otopphilippines.org
Mobile: 09209473617 | 09206117836 | 09283003049
Tel #: (053) 341 1936
Fax#: (053) 323 5252

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Sunny Day Cocktail Table

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Sunny Day Cocktail Table. Metal Frame, Rattan with Skin, Leather X-Binding, Rattan Splits Wrapping.

Nestled in Cebu, the furniture capital of the Philippines, Obra Cebuana, Inc. specializes in collections that are strikingly unique. Acclaimed for the mastery in weaving techniques and in manipulation of indigenous raw materials, they produce furniture and complimenting accessories that are innovative and distinct yet very functional.

Obra Cebuana Inc.
Arcenas Compound, Banawa Hills
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Telephone Nos. (6332)261-2939 ; 261-2844
Telefax ( 6332)253-1621
Email address : obracebuana@gmail.com


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1529 Center Table

9:06 PM |

Made from Molave wood with Clear Glass Top.

Sason Shop, Inc.
Brgy. Alijij, Bacolod City
Tel: +63.34.435.4759
Fax: +63.34.708.7979
Email: info@sasonshop.com
Website: www.sasonshop.com

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Masai Collection

9:28 PM |

Tumandok Crafts Industries is an eco-enterprise that is committed to giving people a close encounter with nature. The group behind the export-quality products envisions their company to be on the forefront of the handicraft industry that uses indigenous materials found around Negros. Both their materials and their technology are environment-friendly.

The products they create are innovative and highly relevant in our changing world. Naturally occuring materials are the main ingredients in their wares. And they are proud to report that their use of indigenous materials has helped to preserve the forests of the province of Negros.

Tumandok Crafts has successfully created extraordinary products from ordinary materials. The skilled hands behind each artful piece make sure that the quality of their products can go with the rapid progress that societies here and abroad are experiencing.

Yet, despite effectively bringing handicrafts a notch higher from being a mere backyard endeavor because of their new techonology and modernistic designs, the company does not forget its roots but rather exalts it wherever they go. Hence the name, Tumandok, which literally means, "Native."


Tumandok Crafts Industries
Office Address:
105 Street Green Plains Subd.,
Singcang, Bacolod City,
Negros Occidental, Philippines 6100
Tel. Nos.: (6334) 434-2632 / 731-0026
Email: info@tumandok.com
Website: www.tumandok.com

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Crab Jewelry Box

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Cast in solid brass and hand painted. Size: 10 x 7 x 4 inches


San Gabriel Metal Concepts, Inc.
Door # 8 LK Building, Tipolo, Mandaue City
Cebu, Philippines 6014
Phone +63 32 422 5942 to 43
Fax +63 32 422 5947
E-mail info@sgmci.com
Website http://www.sgmci.com
Cell no: 0922-877 3985 | 0917-329 3463

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Made from fragmented wood and wicker materials.

Passad is a hiligaynon word which means “to create.”

Theye create functional green works of art, made only from gmelina wood—a fast growing plantation tree abundant in this part of the islands.

Passad pieces are the result of a labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

Very much like assembling the fragmented pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, local artisans slowly and randomly put together each gmelina chip, piece by piece.

No chip, no matter how small, ever goes to waste. finally, the object is sculpted by hand.

This is your assurance of the uniqueness and quality of your passad.

Brgy. Buhang, Jaro,
Iloilo City 5000 Philippines
Email: info@passadexports.com
Tel # +63 33 3295771 | +63 33 3290359 | +63 917 7202011
Website: http://www.passadexports.com

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AIP-09-09 Tray by Accessoria, Inc.

7:38 PM |

Made from coconut shells.

ACCESSORIA INC. is a company that earned the reputation as one of the best accessory manufacturersin the Philippines. It's dedication is to create world class contemporary and traditional house furnishing to serve medium and high-end markets worldwide.

The company aims itself a continuing research and development program that capitalizes Philippine natural resources, Filipinos skills and talent designers.These results of fine quality products, which are introduce regularly to the global market in international and local/national shows.

Corner Sitio Bagacay & Tawagan Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone Number: +6332.424.6551 to 52 ; (0917) 626.0220
Fax Number: +6332 345.4680
Email Address: marketing@accessoriainc.com
Website: http://www.accessoriainc.com

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Ostrich Leather

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Genuine ostrich leather is an exquisite, exotic and very exclusive leather, distinguished by its unique pattern of quill or feather sockets.

Its soft feel is the epitome of comfort, and the rarity of the exotic skin lends it an aura of prestige.

It is also known for its high durability and flexibility making it a perfect working material for the manufacture of luxury leather goods. Full of natural oils, ostrich leather can also resist drying, cracking and stiffness. These unique characterstics of the ostrich leather have won it to be among the favorites of leading fashion houses such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and many others.


  • Metallic, Pigmented, Glazed, Matte

  • Add Ons

  • Washable, Water Proof, Fire Resistant, Scented

  • Chelsi manufactures different leather such as cow, carabao (buffalo), goat as well as exotic skins such as fish, snake, crocodile, and ostrich in a vast range of both classic and modern colors, prints, textures, finishes, and thickness according to customer specifications. We offer vegetable tanned, semi-chrome, full-chrome, grain, split, etc. and specialize in leather for footwear, bags, belts, accessories, garments, upholstery, and automotive purposes.

    Address:Hermoso Compound, Rosales Street, Tugatog,
    Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines 3020
    Phone:(02) 482 3183
    (02) 391 6404
    Telefax:(02) 294 06 59
    (044) 935 3388
    Mobile:0922 808 13 43
    Website: http://www.chelsileather.com

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    Nina Hanging Lamp

    9:03 PM |

    Lamp : 760mm dia. x 775mm ht.
    Finish Red Mahogany
    Materials Rattan lamination
    Loadability 20' - 63 pcs. | 40' - 126 pcs.

    4th flr., Guadalupe Commercial Center, EDSA,
    Makati City, Philippines,3116
    (632) 882.0436
    (632) 882.0479
    (632) 882.1651 loc 211
    Fax:(632) 882.0946
    Email: demexco@smartbro.net

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    Cocoon Lounge Large

    8:41 PM |

    Details: 22B-M819
    130x128x128 cm
    Natural Rusty
    Designed by Ann Tiu Pamintuan

    Cocoon Lounge
    Good Design Award G Mark for Excellence Japan International Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO)
    ASEAN Design Selection, March 2003

    The Gildex, Inc.
    c/o The Apo View, J. Camus Street.,
    Davao City, Philippines 8000
    Tel: +63 82 2225162
    Fax: +63 82 2225162
    Email: info@annpamintuan.com

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    Phd-135 Ottoman

    8:25 PM |

    OTTOMAN 40cm
    Material: Bamboo, Metal and Cushions Finish: Wenge
    Size: 43cm x 43cm x 43cm

    # 67 Timawa Avenue Molo,
    Iloilo City 5000 Philippines
    Tel: +63.33.3376866
    Fax: +63.33.3365612
    E-mail: pinilihd@yahoo.com

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    Dexter Bag

    2:47 PM |
    Made of Jungle brown natural leather in regular matting with blue denim accent and metallic brass antic.

    Dimension: H470mm x L210mm x W170mm


    S.C. Vizcarra Inc.

    737 Roxas Blvd., Parañaque City, Philippines
    Tel #: +63 (02) 8546751

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    Wall Art by Southeast Metro Arts

    2:03 PM |

    This wall art is made from volcanic ashes.

    Southeast Metro Arts products embodies the resiliency of the human spirit amidst natural disaster. For over a decade now, our skillful artisans have manufactured handmade stone crafts by fusing different mediums with volcanic ash stones to reveal new forms and designs.

    A pioneer in volcanic ash stone crafts, found a way to transform the adversarial volcanic ash that buried their homes into distinct "les object trouves"(found objects that were excavated from the earth). This livelihood has helped them send their children to school, re-build and reinvigorate the community.

    Email: salesinfo@southeastmetroarts.com
    Phone: 63 45 923 0684
    Address: A. Mabini St. San Nicolas, Conception, Tarlac, PHILIPPINES.

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    NuCast® by Nature's Legacy

    1:37 PM |


    • A product made of recycled newspaper
    • Main components are sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, environment friendly
    • Uses proprietary odorless water-based binder
    • No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
    • Variable Color Application
    • Flexibile finishing capability (Plain/with Texture)
    • Option for indoor and outdoor use by applying outdoor resistant coatings

    Asia Manufacturing
    Natures Legacy Eximport, Inc.
    Cogon, Compostela, Cebu 6003 Philippines
    Tel - +6332 4258814
    Fax - +6332 425 8815
    Email - info@natureslegacy.com
    Website: http://natureslegacy.com/contact-us

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    Rattan Trays by Home Edition

    1:17 PM |

    Hernan Cortes Ext., Tipolo,
    6014 Mandaue City
    Cebu, Philippines
    Tel. Nos. : (6332) 3450771 * 3462318 & (6332) 3458392 *3442702
    Fax. No. : (6332) 3450585
    E-mail : home@homeeditionmfg.com
    Contact Person: Monica Climaco

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    Banana Tray by Acacia Woodenware

    12:41 PM |

    Made from Acacia, a wood which is known for its strength and durability.

    Address: 5 Onyx Road Unit 1412 Ortigas Center Pasig City
    Cellphone: 09183491854 & 09216994131
    Telephone No.: (02)-3343073 & (02)-6340395
    Email: dsuns@acaciawoodenware.com

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    Momo Shoes

    5:51 PM |

    The Frog Prince, is a fairy tale, best known through the Brothers Grimm's written version; traditionally it is the first story in their collection. In the tale, a spoiled princess reluctantly befriends a frog (possibly meeting him after dropping a gold ball into his pond), who magically transforms into a handsome prince. Although in modern versions the transformation is invariably triggered by the princess kissing the frog.

    SOURCE: http://momocustomdesign.multiply.com/

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    Zebra Queen Apron

    5:36 PM |

    • Double or 3 layered aprons to protected from stains and dirt
    • Made of high-quality fabrics and materials
    • Strongly stitched and made of soft and cool fabrics
    • One-size fits all – designed to fit every woman
    • All aprons come with pockets
    • All aprons are easy to care and maintain
    • All aprons can be folded or hang

    THE APRON AVENUE always has customer satisfaction in mind. We gear our efforts not only toward our designs but also in guaranteeing fast response time with online orders and careful assistance by our friendly staff.

    Mobile Number: (63) 915 883 3301

    For information, queries and suggestions please email us at the following:

    roselle@theapronavenue.ph and sharon@theapronavenue.ph

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